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Maturing In The Faith :: essays research papers

In the course of reading Chapter 1 of our book, I came across something that I have known all along but taken for granted, as though it was not more important than my upcoming doctor’s appointment. It is the simple yet breaking fact that I do not know what I believe in, or rather, I know what I believe, but I don’t exactly know why I believe. And I am not alone in my plight. Most Filipinos, unfortunately, are guilty of this folly. We all have faith in God, not because we know the Sacred Scriptures to the letter, not because we know and live the Word. We believe because, quite simply put, we were brought up in Catholic households, and educated in Catholic schools, and what sticks to our minds is that to be a good Christian, we must have faith in God. We get too extreme about it at times and take things too literally that we miss too many points. To be fair, our faith is “genuine';, as the book also said. We truly believe in God and we all try to live as good Catholics: mass every Sunday, rosary with the family every night, we go to confession and retreats, and we pray when we wake in the morning and before going to bed. But sadly, other than those “routine'; elements of being Christian, most of us do not really understand what the Bible says, or what the priests are preaching, or what really is the will of God. Neither do we involve ourselves with other people who are part of the Church. Not to mention, how we seem to think less of non-Catholics, instead of trying to share what we are all supposed to know, the Word of God. A friend told me about a conversation he had, the other person saying that non-Christians will never enter the kingdom of God. He was dead serious when he said this, which made me wonder if we, in fact, are better than the non-believers, or if we are any different at all. I can say with a clear conscience, because I believe it to be true, that I have faith in God. What I cannot reconcile myself with, is the undeniable fact that I lack insight into what I believe in. I will not be able to go out and tell another person about how the Spirit liberates me, because even as I know this, I do not completely understand it.

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Research design assessment.Methodology Essay

The nation of Libya has been subjected to numerous forms of rules from foreigners as well as from native people who become rulers. The nation became independent from the rule of Italy in 1947 (Vandewalle,  D.  J. 1998). However, British and French continued controlling the nation until 1951. King Idris led the nation into full independence and ended up becoming the first head of state. He established a hereditary monarchy. In a way, Libya started to establish well economically and in terms of security (Bender,  G.  J. 1987). However, although oil was responsible for the drastic improvements in the economy of the nation, it started becoming the source of resentment. That is because King Idris began accumulating too much wealth for his family. Following such resentment, security status of the nation was disturbed. In 1969, Muammar Gaddafi led a group of military officers into a coup d’à ©tat against the King. The ‘Al Fateh’ Revolution was launched. Conseque ntly, King Idris was overthrown. Muammar Gaddafi took leadership but assumed so much power that he ruled the nation with an iron fist. According to St J.R (2008), Libya did not have enough time to enjoy the fruits of independence from colonialism. After independence from foreigners, Libya got into another form of colonialism from its own leaders which can be termed as internal colonialism. As Oakes (2011)notes, the government of Gaddafi spent much of the wealth in purchase of arms and financing terrorist groups around the world. Before his death, he had acclaimed himself as the â€Å"King of Kings of Africa†. After the end of the Gaddafi rule following his death in 2011, Libya is reconstructing itself from the mess that had been caused by his rule (Oakes,  J. 2011). However, frequent attacks from unknown assailants have been experienced severally. In 2012, an American Ambassador to Libya was killed during such attacks. These attacks indicate lack of security in the nation. The state of lawlessness and insecurity are issues that affect the government of Libya which is an interim government. There was an attempted coup on May 18th 2014. This research seeks to compare the present situation in the security of Libya and the past. Furthermore, the research seeks to show whether Libya is better now than before. Methodology                  In this study, secondary sources of data will be used. These will include reading books and jourrnals that talk about the history of Libya. Most of the books written in 1950s about the state of Libya give a clear picture of the nation at that time. Many journals have been written abpiut the history of Libya. Such journals will be very useful in this study. The journals and the books will be accessed online. The researcher will analyse all data obtained. Besides using online sources, the researcher intends to use the school library for the history books detailing the history of Libya. The researcher has full access of the library. The researcher will concentrate on finding appropriate books and journal articles, but will also seek out informed opinion from internet sources (via a Google search). An initial interrogation of the contents pages of past issues of the journals Foreign Policy and Foreign Affairs has already proved fruitful. The researcher also intends to use primary sources. Interviews will be applied in the process. Of particular use will be two US State Department publications: The Foreign Relations of the United States (which reproduces original documents of the US government) and The Department of State Bulletin (which prints public statement of US officials). I will also consult the Congressional Hearings held in the 1980s on this subject. The State Department serials are available electronically, via Hein Online, while Congressional Hearings can be accessed from the webpage of the US Congress. Moreover, interviews will be conducted online with senior people in Libya. People who are thought to have managed to serve in the government before the era of Gaddafi will be sought by means of the office of the Foreign department. Such people will be interviewed to give their opinion on the nature of the rule that Libya was subjected to before the rule of Gaddafi. The advantage with interviewing such people is that they will be in a position to give the past and the present analysis of the situation of Libya with regard to security. Supplementing these books, journal articles, primary sources and interviews, the researcher also intends to read contemporary newspaper articles of the period. He will access the New York Times and Washington Post via the electronic portal: Newspaper Bank*. These sources will give a lot of information regarding the past and the present of Libya. The researcher will go ahead to analyse the information obtained to determine which will help answer the raised question. The relevant data will be used to make the conclusion of the study. References Bender,  G.  J. (1987). International affairs in Africa. Newbury Park, Calif: Sage Publications. Oakes,  J. (2011). Libya: The history of Gaddafi’s pariah state. Stroud, Gloucestershire [England: History Press. St,  J.  R. (2008). Libya: From colony to independence. Oxford: Oneworld. Vandewalle,  D.  J. (1998). Libya since independence: Oil and state-building. Ithaca, N.Y: Cornell University Press. Wright,  J. (2010). A history of Libya. New York: Columbia University Press. Source document

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How to Find the Aquila Constellation

How to Find the Aquila Constellation The constellation Aquila is visible in the northern hemispheres summer sky and the southern hemispheres winter. This small but significant constellation features several fascinating deep sky objects that amateur astronomers can view with a backyard telescope. Finding Aquila Aquila is outlined in faint blue, and its brightest star is Altair. Look for it just below Cygnus the Swan and near Sagittarius. From a dark viewing site, observers can see that Aquila lies in the plane of the Milky Way. Carolyn Collins Petersen   The easiest way to find Aquila is to locate the nearby constellation Cygnus, the Swan. Its a roughly cross-shaped pattern of stars that is high overhead on summer evenings beginning in mid-July. Cygnus appears to be flying down the Milky Way galaxy (which we see from the inside as a band of stars stretching across the sky) toward Aquila, which looks like a crooked shape of a plus sign. The brightest stars of Aquila, Lyra, and Cygnus all form a familiar asterism called the Summer Triangle, which is visible in the northern hemisphere from early summer to late in the year.   Historical Interpretations Aquila has been a known constellation since antiquity. It was cataloged by the astronomer Claudius Ptolemy and was eventually adopted as one of the 88 modern constellations charted by the International Astronomical Union (IAU). Since it was first interpreted by the Babylonians, this star pattern has virtually always been identified as an eagle. In fact, the name aquila comes from the Latin word for eagle.  Aquila was also well known in ancient Egypt, where it was seen as a bird accompanying the god Horus. It was similarly interpreted by the Greeks and, later, the Romans, who dubbed it Vultur volans (the flying vulture). In China, myths about family and separation were told in relation to the star pattern. Polynesian cultures saw Aquila in several different ways, including as a warrior, a tool, and a navigational star. The Stars of the Aquila Constellation The six brightest stars in this region make up the body of the eagle, set against a backdrop of dimmer stars. Aquila is relatively small, compared to nearby constellations. Its brightest star is called ÃŽ ± Aquilae, also known as Altair. It lies only about 17 light-years from Earth, making it a pretty close neighbor. The second-brightest star is ÃŽ ² Aquilae, better known as Alshain. Its name comes from an Arabic term which means the balance. Astronomers commonly refer to stars in this way, using lowercase Greek letters to indicate the brightest as alpha, beta, and so on, to the dimmest ones lower in the alphabet. Aquila features several double stars, including 57 Aquilae. It contains an orange-colored star paired with a whitish-colored one.  Most viewers can spot this pair using a good set of binoculars or a backyard-type telescope. Search out Aquila for other double stars, too. The entire constellation of Aquila shown with IAU boundaries and the brightest stars that make up the pattern.   IAU/Sky Telescope Deep Sky Objects in Constellation Aquila Aquila lies in the plane of the Milky Way, which means that there are a number of star clusters within its boundaries. Most are fairly dim and require good binoculars to make them out. A good star chart will help you locate these. Theres also a planetary nebula or two in Aquila, including NGC 6781. It requires a good telescope to spot, and its a favorite challenge for astrophotographers.  With a powerful telescope, NGC 6781 is colorful and striking, as seen below. A view through a backyard-type telescope is not nearly so colorful, but instead shows a slightly greenish-gray blob of light. The planetary nebula NGC 6781 as photographed through one of the telescopes of the European Southern Observatory in Chile. This nebula lies in Aquila and can be spotted with a good backyard-type telescope. ESO   Aquila as a Springboard for Exploration Observers can use Aquila as a jumping-off spot to explore the Milky Way and the many clusters and objects that lie in nearby constellations, such as Sagittarius. The center of our galaxy lies in the direction of Sagittarius and its neighbor Scorpius. Just above Altair lie two tiny little constellations called Delphinus the Dolphin and Sagitta the Arrow. Delphinus is one of those star patterns that looks like its name, a cheery little Dolphin in the starry seas of the Milky Way.

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Is being a drag king or queen wrong Professor Ramos Blog

Is being a drag king or queen wrong Drag queens and kings are performance artists that dress in feminine or masculine clothing that acts, sings and does comedy performances. RuPaul’s Drag Race is a very popular reality game show that drag queens compete for the title of America’s Next Drag Superstar. â€Å"Drag has always served a purpose. We mock identity, were shapeshifters,† Rupaul affirms at its core, it’s a social statement and a big F**K you! to male-dominated culture.† (Davies). I have watched the show numerous times and I support drag kings and queens because it’s a way of expressing themselves and they can be who you are while inspiring others who want to join that community. I think if someone wants to dress masculine and their a female I dont see anything wrong with that and vice versa. There are tons of people who participate in these races across the world today. A study used of a theoretical psychoanalytic framework which is a personality organization and the dynamics of personality development to analyze the life history of a professional drag queen Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. The choice to use â€Å"life story† as a data collection and analysis strategy allowed them to illuminate how the subject lives and articulates his story and the choices of work that allows an expression of his desire. They found three elements which were the looks and clothes that sustained a fantasy that has found a placed in society, the link of some singular identity traits with social dimension of work and the affections that sustain a form of social recognition (Thais Z.G. De Oliveira). Some people don’t agree with my opinion because I strongly feel that they don’t like the fact of people dressing or acting the ways of the opposite gender. The main reasons why I think they dont support it is because they think drag can be degrading to women or men which I don’t agree. â€Å"We don’t value feminine ideals and in many cases we don’t respect them, so when we see drag queens performing stereotypes that we consider to be about women or men, we either understand and enjoy the exaggeration or we are confronted by the insulting connotations people associate woman with.† Another example, â€Å"There must be a reason women don’t do this to menturning masculinity into entertainment as a joke, that is. Why is it funny for men to dress up† (Levengood). It’s true that more men do drag than woman but there is still pressure among woman to act and dress a certain way no matter if there dressing like a woman or man. I think it is a big step and a lot of thought to become a drag queen or king because a lot of people aren’t accepting and they are afraid of being themselves and they are altering their appearance dramatically. If more people are accepting then more and more people will feel comfortable and happy with what they are doing in their lives. An experimental understanding of drag reveals that the significant rewards from the activity-contextual power and status, self affirmation and empowerment are powerful motivating factors. Instead of being deviant and or partaking in pathological behavior, female impersonators can be seen as operating or an incentive system where the benefits of doing drag positively enrich the quality of the performers life in a context where successful queens are held in their highest regards (Hopkins). Teaching others about drag race whether their family, friends or classmates about this topic will open the doors and it lets them see the outlook on this category. A study showed that female students often found attending a drag show to be a fun experience free of the sexual harassment found in most bars, while male students often contextually experience being a social minority for the first time in their life. From both attending drag shows and or watching recordings of them students have reported gaining an experiential appreciation of the preformed basis of gender sexuality and inequality (Schacht SP). I believe there should be more adult men and women who attend these kinds of shows whether they are gay, straight, bisexual and so on, it can create an accepting community of all different kinds of sexualities and show younger people it is okay to attend or participate. Teaching teenagers will hopefully create a more accepting atmosphere among non drag kings/queens and drag kings/queens because teens tend to judge and make fun of people. Teaching children about this topic will make people more angry then happy because some might think that were trying to change their ways and have them thinking it could be fun to alter their appearance when in reality it is to teach them what it is, what they do and why they do it. If we continue to spread positivity and let others do what makes them happy then a lot of these issue wouldn’t occur and people won’t be called names or looked down upon in todays society which will truly make a difference. Davies, Wilder, â€Å"RuPaul’s Drag Race and What People Get Wrong About the History of Drag†, EBSCOhost, March 2018, p.6-6 1p, Hopkins J. Steven. â€Å"Let the Drag Race Begin†, Taylor Francis Online, Sept 2008, p 135-149, Levengood, Elizabeth. â€Å"Is Drag Degrading to Woman?†, Medium, Dec 2017, Schacht, SP. â€Å"Beyond the boundaries of the classroom: teaching about gender and sexuality at a drag show†. Pubmed, 2004, Thais, Z.G. et al, â€Å"IDENTIFYING AS A DRAG QUEEN AND THE MEANING OF WORK.†,EBSCOhost, Vol 19, p1-24, 24p,

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Research Manuscript Critique Part 2 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Research Manuscript Critique Part 2 - Assignment Example The have also clearly identified the population, the demographic variables, the recruitment and the location of the study. For instance, the study takes place in the northeastern city and the surroundings. The women involved are Caucasian and are different in terms of age and other related demographics. On the recruitment, the researchers explain that fliers were used in order to assist them in the recruitment process. Given the nature of the research study, the researchers had no choice but to discuss the appropriateness of the sample size, which is quite small. For example, one of the important explanations of the sample size includes the need to detailed explanation of the sessions with the psychiatrists. Other important requirements of a research study such as research ethics, which includes consent and confidentiality, have also been catered for in this research. The researcher has also used clear articulate language that helps the reader through the research study. Although this is the case, the researcher has not clearly labeled the research questions and the hypothesis. All these have been left for the reader to figure out. The article Brinn-Pike et al., 1998 looks into the process of counseling pregnant adolescents. To achieve this purpose, the researchers used a mixed research method. The research has clear research questions and a specific question. There are also clear hypotheses and a sample size of 20 respondents and an explanation of the demographic variables that pertains to the sample. The study also identifies the population and clearly discusses the recruitment. For example, the researchers explain that the recruitment process and the data collecting process took 6 months whereby the participants involved were required to keep records. The sample, size and the results have also been discussed appropriately. Other

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Analysis for Higher Learning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Analysis for Higher Learning - Essay Example As the report declares the movie â€Å"Higher Learning† is a drama about different issues of university student life, especially as they relate to all kinds of prejudice: sexual, racial, social included. Racial prejudice is one of the main themes. At the start of this movie, we can see one of the movie’s main characters, Remy, who is an outcast and misfit, ignored by another students. We also find Kristen, who has a little bit racial discrimination and isn’t sure of her own identity yet, and Malik, who is an African American confused about his own identity. Each of them ironically share some of the same prejudices toward each other and others. Each of them value some of the same things about life but do not realize they have anything in common. This essay stresses that when Malik gets on the elevator and meets Kristen by chance, Kristen reflexively grabs her bag, even though they have never seen each other. Malik notices and shakes his head to himself, accustomed to the scenario. This is the introduction to racial tension in the movie. The point that we should consider is why Kristen did that. If she had personally had a bad experience with a black person, it would be understandable. But what is more likely is that Kristen had the fear of being alone with a black man because of her preconceived bias and her lack of relationships with black people in her primarily caucasion neighborhood near Disneyland.

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Darwin and Social Darwinism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Darwin and Social Darwinism - Essay Example Owing to the general environment and direction of knowledge in the era, Lamarck’s theoretical perspective surfaced as a dominant conjectural framework on the matter during the timeframe. Lamarck’s comprehension of life forms suggested that the species’ desire to adapt perfectly and successfully into the environment prompted the utilization of their body parts in a certain manner which would eventually impact their overall structures, depending upon how the body parts were used (Schlinger and Poling 75). The crux of this comprehension postulates that these structural changes are such that they can be transported to the progeny of the species as per Lamarck’s argument. This theoretical model which is termed as the inheritance of acquired characteristics establishes the foundation for that a need for adapting within the wider context of the environment aided the species’ journey towards perfection where a point of perfection was eventually attained and the transformation of life forms ceased to exist at that stage (Schlinger and Poling 75). However, the weakness of Lamarck’s suggestions lies in a lack or even scarcity of evidence whic h should be presented so that his findings can be marked with the stamp of validity. Indeed even regular observations of individuals and their offspring can shed light on the fact that the physical traits of an athlete cannot be passed upon to his/her child in the form of agility and dexterity if the offspring does not expend similar effort to attain the desired outcomes. Schlinger and Poling understand that Darwin’s theoretical premise was developed as a consequence his journey on H.M.S Beagle which allowed him to explore the vastness of life forms and creations that had previously remained unexplored (76). Thus, a strong point of disagreement between Darwin’s theory of natural selection and Lamarck’s stance on